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Beranda NEWS Tergusur "Ratu Belanda" di Perairan Spermonde

Evicted "Queen of the Netherlands" in the waters of Spermonde

Six hours sailing the sea waters of Kodingareng Island, Sangkarrang, Makassar on Sunday, August 23, 2020, Iwan (36) never caught any fish. Even though this location is a fishing zone that is often visited by local fishermen. Desperate by the situation, he turned around to look for other fishing grounds.

On the way he was shocked to see the ship Queen of the Netherlands operating again to suck sea sand so that it makes the sea water cloudy. The fish that usually appear from the surface of the water slowly disappear.

This condition has been faced by fishermen in Kodingareng, Sangkarrang Islands, Makassar since the sand mining began operating on December 12, 2019. Iwan and other fishermen are no longer abundant. Never mind mackerel, it's hard to get squid. In fact, usually he often brings a number of mackerel, which, if converted, is worth Rp. 2-3 million.

"This is not a lie ki, "Said Iwan, who admitted that he had lost money in the last 8 months.

To, Iwan stated that he could no longer buy gasoline for fishing. While at home, he has to support his wife and a child.

“Even jewelry has to be pawned to eat. What do you want to do? ki Sir? How about the future of the child ta? " said Iwan, sad to tell his life now.

Apart from Iwan, Suhadi (36) 's living space was also evicted. Instead of making him prosperous, according to him, sand mining for the national strategic project of Makassar New Port (MNP) which costs trillions of rupiah made him anxious.

"The worry is that if the west season (rainy season) the waves will get bigger. The fear is that the livelihood places in Copong Besar and Copong Kecil have damaged the Bone Pate, ”Suhadi told, Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

Meanwhile, Risdawati (31), a housewife, wept when telling a sad story in her own homeland. Even though the sand mining is carried out in the middle of the sea, the bad effects actually occur on land. This is because nearly 90 percent of the population on Kodingareng Island work as fishermen.

"There are 2000 residents here," he told, Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

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Risdawati tried to voice this down with the Kodingareng mothers by meeting the Governor of South Sulawesi, Nurdin Abdullah on August 13, 2020. They demanded that the governor revoke the sea sand mining permit.

"We have never been involved in meetings, socialization about sand mining. The governor always keeps promises, he comes to the office twice but doesn't want to come, ”said Risdawati.

Until Tuesday, September 1, 2020, tried to contact Governor Nurdin, either by telephone or leaving messages via WhatsApp. However, the person concerned did not answer.

Living Space Threatened

The protest against sand mining on Sunday, August 23, was not the first time that fishermen had been doing it in the waters of Spermonde, Makassar, South Sulawesi. The fishermen have been fighting to defend their living space since February.

At least five times they have taken action to demand that the company stop destroying marine ecosystems. For information on the reclamation project for the construction of a new Makassar pier (MNP), involving PT Pelindo IV as the project owner, PT Banteng Laut Indonesia as the concession owner, and PT Royal Boskalis which is the mining contractor.

"They want to disturb. The residents gathered to get rid of it, it turned out that (they) did not want to go home, ”Iwan, a Kodingareng fisherman, told when contacted by telephone, Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

According to Iwan, the public and companies holding mining business permits (IUP), namely PT Banteng Laut Indonesia, actually had an audience at Baruga, Kodingareng Lompo Village on July 8. In the meeting attended by the South Sulawesi Police and local government Polairud, the fishermen asked the company to sign a joint agreement to stop mining sea sand. However, the company was not willing to sign the demands.

Therefore, the fishing community asked Boskalis to stop mining before a mutual agreement was reached. A week after the meeting, on July 15, 2020, the Dutch company ship again drained the sea sand. Angry fishermen finally tried to get the boat out of the fishing area on Sunday, August 23, 2020.

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The governor has not yet taken a stand, ASP Action Again Demands to Stop MNP Reclamation and Revoke the Sea Sand Mine The Save the Coasts Alliance has again filed demands by conducting a peaceful protest in front of PT. Pelindo IV this afternoon, 26 August 2020. ASP took action because the rejection made by the fishermen community and coastal women has never been responded well by the Governor of South Sulawesi. Roy as the general general for the ASP action stated that fishermen and women from the coast have repeatedly carried out actions, starting from the sea action to coming to the Governor's office to meet Pak Nurdin Abdullah, but he never wanted to hear and meet the community. "We will continue to voice this issue, stop the MNP Reclamation, demand to revoke the sand mining permit and criticize the criminalization of fishermen because this is the demand of the people who feel the impact of all development activities and mining of sea sand". We will continue to speak up until the Governor fulfills the demands of the Community. He continued, the protest, which numbered around 50, took place peacefully in front of PT. Pelindo IV. #bebaspakmanre #StopCriminalization Fishermen #RejectMineSandSea #HContinue ReclamationMNP 1TP3Receive Fisherman Identity

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Unexpectedly, a Polairud patrol boat and 4 lifeboats suddenly broke the line of the fishermen using a boat with a speed of 150 PK. While other fishermen are riding on their feet, Iwan doesn't have time to run away. Two policemen ambushed his boat, who rushed to handcuff him.

"Do not ki up, when it sinks noodles what ship? " Iwan's story repeated the incident a few days ago to

"In order to drown, we will pay," Iwan continued, imitating a statement by a Polairud member.

Just right. The boat sank. The too heavy burden plus the overflow of water that swallowed up too fast made Iwan's efforts to maintain his work tool almost in vain.

"What do I use (work-red) when my boat sinks? I don't have a boat anymore, ”complained Iwan.

Two other boats belonging to residents also had the same fate. Iwan suspects that this was done on purpose by the water police.

"The person (fisherman-ed) was taken (by the water police) but the boat was left behind," said Iwan.

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The fishermen who were arrested, according to Iwan, included Safaruddin, Faisal and Nazarudin. They were taken to the Headquarters of the Polairud Directorate located in Makassar. In the process the police released Safarudin and Faisal, while Nazarudin was declared a suspect in destroying a ship belonging to PT Royal Boskalis. He was claimed to have violated Article 170 of the General Criminal Code (KUHP) with a maximum imprisonment of 12 years.

The Polairud Directorate then summoned dozens of fishermen who were involved in the sand mining protest. Letter Number: Spg / 81 / VII / 2020 / Dit Polairud which was posted on August 24, 2020 was none other than an examination as a witness to suspected criminal acts that occurred around New Port Makassar.

"We tong disturbed (sand miners-ed) why are we being called, ”said Iwan, confused by the conditions he was experiencing.

The summons made Iwan and a number of fishermen afraid. They were so afraid that they were reluctant to leave the house, let alone go to sea. The Makassar Legal Aid Institute (LBH), which is accompanying Kodingareng fishermen, highlighted the police apparatus' treatment of fishermen. The sinking of the ship accompanied by police summons was considered excessive. Even on July 18, based on the records of Walhi Sulsel, Polairud at the Timber Port of Bangkoa had blocked the distribution of fuel oil (BBM) to Kodingareng Lompo Island.

Head of the Land and Environment Division of LBH Makassar, Edy Kurniawan explained that the police action violated the National Police Chief Regulation No.1 of 2019 concerning the Use of Force in Police Actions, as well as the Chief of Police Regulation Number 8 of 2009 concerning the Implementation of Human Rights Principles and Standards in the Implementation of Polri Duties.

"The use of force must be carried out in a balanced manner between the threats faced and the level of strength or response of members of the National Police, so as not to cause harm," said Edi Kurniawan when contacted by, Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

Without assistance

Until now, public lawyers from LBH Makassar have not been able to provide legal assistance. When visiting the South Sulawesi Polairud office, Edy and his team of companions were actually refused to meet with fishermen. The letter addressed to the Director of Polairud, Kombes Hery Wiyanto regarding this matter was not answered. In fact, according to Edy, his party already has a letter of attorney for legal assistance signed by the family.

"We were not given a reason, Polairud did not allow the Makassar LBH team to meet the fishermen," he said.

In accordance with Article 14 (3) of Law Number 12 of 2005 concerning the Ratification of the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, every person who is investigated has the right to legal assistance until he has permanent legal force. According to Edy, this was reinforced by the National Police Chief Regulation Number 8 of 2009 concerning the Implementation of Human Rights Principles and Standards in the Implementation of Polri's Duties. This regulation states that every officer who carries out an examination action against a witness, suspect or investigator is obliged to give the witness, suspect or investigator the opportunity to contact and be accompanied by a lawyer before the examination begins. Therefore LBH Makassar plans to report Polairud to the Professional and Security Division (Propam) and the Police General Supervision Inspectorate (Irwasum).

"There are allegations of ethical violations and disciplinary violations," said Edy.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations of the South Sulawesi Regional Police, Kombes Ibrahim Tompo, refuses to say that his party has obstructed the legal assistance process. The former Head of Public Relations of the North Sulawesi Regional Police revealed that the process is the right of everyone.

"Frankly, it's not trying todelay by sorting out who is allowed and not (accompanying-ed). We try to be as objective as possible. We are concerned that there are criminal and anarchist acts, ”he said.

Incidents involving fishermen and PT Boskalis, according to him, have happened repeatedly. This has prompted the partner company from Pelindo IV to ask for police protection until 2023 according to the mining permit that has been granted.

"If we are in the Police, see what is on the surface. What is above is what we face, ”said Kombes Ibrahim Tompo when contacted by, Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

Contacted separately, the Director of Polairud Polda South Sulawesi, Kombes Hery Wiyanto explained that the members did not accidentally drown them. At that time, according to him, fishing boats could not withstand the waves of the sea.

“There is no drowning. At that time, the sea conditions were big waves, "said Hery when contacted by, Wednesday, August 26, 2020. (Abdus Somad)

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