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The Lingering Trauma from a Never-Ending War

When Putin’s army pushed into Kyiv two years ago, residents in the capital’s suburbs were first to experience the bitterness of war. Damaged homes, looted property, and killed families left lingering grief and collective trauma.

Political Parties and their ‘Vote-Getter’ Celebrities

Wearing a red jacket with the sleeves rolled up, stand-up comedian Ronny Imanuel, popularly known as Mongol Stres, sparked laughter from President Joko Widodo as he performed during the national meeting of Indonesian Solidarity Party

Malaysian Palm Oil Projects Threaten Belitung Forests

Sunadi (not his real name) was shocked. He looked tense when he saw the signboard marking the boundaries between forest areas and oil palm plantations Buding Village, East Belitung, vanished. At that time, on September

Waiting for the New Chapter of Timor Leste

A young man sits stretched out on the dry grass in Aileu Square, Timor Leste, it was the afternoon when the Secretary General of the Fretilin Party Mari Alkatiri gave a speech from the podium

Ramos Horta: Our Democracy Remains “Rungu-ranga”

Rungu-ranga, in Tetun – the official language of Timor Leste, means “chaotic”. President Josè Ramos Horta cited the term to describe the current situation of democracy in the country that will commemorate 21 years of

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