We work independently to provide in-depth and investigative journalism through collaboration. We believe that our journalism encourages our readers to think critically and be empowered to care for and protect freedom and justice.

Jaring.id is an independent, non-profit news media publisher founded by the Indonesian Association for Media Development as a collective initiative on September 30, 2015.

The non-profit model was chosen to insure we have the freedom to monitor all issues related to the public interest of Indonesians, as well as being an exemplar for high-quality journalism.

Our work digs deep to reveal and dismantle the detailed layers of facts for events related to the public interest, through in-depth coverage and investigative reports.

Because we appeal to a diverse audience, and in line with the spirit of the times, we offer various formats of coverage. From narrative reports, data visualization, photography, audio, video and interactive platforms, we enable our readers to experience the “journalistic journey” with us.

Our in-depth reporting, investigative journalism and storytelling techniques both challenge and inspire our readers. Our hope is that our audience will be motivated to impact change.

Our values include fully respecting inclusivity, upholding integrity, supporting fair practices, and opening ourselves towards collective initiatives and innovations that support a democratic society.

Jaring.id encourages open dialogue and collaboration among the many diverse voices in our society who are all committed to the same goal – the belief that change in a democratic society cannot be achieved without reaching out to one another. By becoming an informed and involved member of the community, a je-Jaring, change is possible.

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