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Mutually Attacking Candidates for Mayor of Bandar Lampung

The debate for the mayor and deputy mayor of Bandarlampung was held at the Novotel Bandarlampung Hotel on Wednesday, November 25, 2015. The General Election Commission (KPU) is the host.

The debate consisted of three sessions. First, each candidate presented the work program for the next five years. The second session, candidate number one skinned the other candidate programs.

The debate was witnessed by around 500 people; both invited guests and supporters who are outside the room. And guided by moderators who are academics from the University of Lampung.

What's interesting in the debate, when the Herman HN pair - Yusuf Kohar and Tobroni Harun Komarunizar, showed off their programs.

Herman HN, for example, quipped the program raised by Tobroni Harun, his former deputy when he was in office for the 2010 - 2015 period, but in the middle of a joint venture broke up.

The program is Doctor Sambangi Rakyat. Where if there are residents who are sick, family members just need to come to the RT at the same time so the doctor will come to the patient's house in no time.

"This is about the doctor's program to come to the house, it doesn't make sense. People who come to the hospital are not the other way around, ”said Herman.

In the debate, Herman openly called the program a public fraud. Because according to him, it was impossible. Because during his leadership, it was often difficult to find a doctor.

Of the 100 doctors who were wanted, only about 30 could be fulfilled.

However, his opponent warded off the accusation.

"Do not be allergic to the doctor's program to come to the house first. The city of Bandung, whose radius is farther from the city of Bandarlampung, can do that, why can't we, "snapped Tobroni.

Throwing accusations at each other and often showing off their respective programs, often creating a chaotic atmosphere. Even the supporters of the two candidates, cheered each other on.

Because of that, the KPU must keep reminding supporters to be quiet. "I hope calm, the mind can be hot but the heart must remain cold," he said.

But attack each other, apparently not enough. Herman HN's success team held a competition; arrest money politics perpetrators by their opponents. The cash reward is IDR 5 million.

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This competition is open from the campaign period until the pemunguntan process takes place.

This open contest, said the Herman HN Success Team, Rahmad Husen, was held because the Integrated Law Enforcement Team (Gakkumdu) could not take action against violations of money politics that were scattered in the field.

"If anyone finds the practice of money politics, they will be given money amounting to Rp. 5 million," said Rahmad Husen.

He also promised cash money for anyone with evidence of money politics.

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Meanwhile, ahead of the simultaneous regional elections, the Bandarlampung KPU submitted a report on the assets of the candidate pairs.

Bandarlampung KPU member, Ferry Triatmojo, said that the incumbent candidate Herman HN has the largest assets compared to the other two candidates. Namely around Rp. 9.3 billion. Meanwhile, Tobroni Harun was only Rp. 7.2 billion and Muhamad Yunus Rp. 250 million.

Herman's wealth comes from 11 land and houses, five cars and businesses in fisheries, plantations and mining.

"The wealth of incumbent Herman HN has actually decreased compared to the previous report. There was a decrease of around Rp. 500 million, "explained Ferry Triatmojo.

The amount of assets of the incumbent Herman HN candidate was suspected. This is because the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) of Lampung Province noted irregularities in road repair and irrigation projects in 2014.

BPK noted that project implementation was not in accordance with the original contract. Where the City Government of Bandarlampung through the Public Works Office overpaid Rp2.7 billion to 18 contractors.

But lately, the overpaid money has been deposited into the state treasury.

So, how do citizens respond as voters? Suhena and Dodi have the answer. "Yes, look for an honest and fair, the programs are certain and clear, Mr. Herman HN," said Suhena.

Meanwhile, Dodi, "I never participated in voting because it was a shelf that was of use to me."

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