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Don't Repeat Dynastic Politics

The defeat of the incumbent regent candidate Sri Surya Widati in the Bantul Regional Head Election (Pilkada) on December 9 still leaves traces of control of a number of economic sectors in Bantul to date. Bantul is now led by a new regent. How is the future? The following is the report of the Daily Jogja Bhekti Suryani journalist.

Hidzfil Alim, a researcher at the Center for Anti-Corruption Studies (Pukat) of Gadjah Mada University (UGM), compared the Samawi family to 15 years of power in Bantul like the Atut dynasty in Banten or Fuad Amin in Madura. This power, said Hidzfil, needs support so that it does not collapse.

To maintain this power, it is necessary to control strategic resources, it is a necessity, Hidzfil Alim commented on control of the property business, construction to regional companies involving the families of two former Bantul regents, Idham Samawi and his wife Sri Surya Widati from 2000 to 2015.

Simply put, the ruler who maintains his power needs a source of funds. One way is to play in various sectors of the economy to gain wealth.

This is common in areas that apply dynastic politics. That is a simple pattern, he said, early February.

But badly, control of a number of economic resources is prone to abuse of power. He is not surprised that many regional leaders in Tanahair who practice dynastic politics stumble upon corruption cases and end up in prison.

This condition is ultimately detrimental to the community because the abuse drains the regional budget. That is why, for a long time anti-corruption activists in Indonesia have pushed for the limitation of dynastic politics in elections. The aim is none other than to prevent corruption crimes from spreading at the local level.
However, in the case in Bantul, whether or not there were allegations of corruption, it must be proven. This proof must be done by law enforcers. So far, he said, the public, including the media, could only reveal the fact that there was a monopoly on economic resources involving the ruling family. However, proof and legal process are not the task of the community.

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Initial information on control of economic resources from the media should be used as material for law enforcers to track it down. That's their job, the man who is usually called Boy continued.
Another important point according to Hidzfil Alim is how to prevent the dynasty's political experience from being repeated in the future. Bantul is now led by the new regent, Suharsono, with a background in police officers.
According to him, the most effective way is to supervise all development planning carried out by the government from an early age.

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Supervision by the general public as well as criticism from the media is very important to guard the new government ,? Boy sounded sure.

On the one hand, the government must also be open about development information including economic sectors. The new government or regent absolutely learns from the political experience of the previous dynasty.
The elected regent, Suharsono, alluded to the control of economic resources by a handful of people that happened in Bantul over the last few years. He promised not to repeat the same thing.
If I took office, I wouldn't form a PT, CV and so on. Let the auction process for the procurement of goods and services run according to the rules ,? Suharsono promised through the media at the end of last December.


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