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Pilkada Investigation: Incumbent Bodong Grant Recipients

South Tangerang Mayor candidates from the left, Ikhsan Modjo (serial number 1), Arsid (serial number 2), and Airin Rachmi Diany (candidate number 3), during a public discussion and debate between candidates in South Tangerang, Banten, Monday, November 30 2015. The public discussion and debate between these candidates had the theme "Increasing Participation and Qualified Pilkada in South Tangerang". [TEMPO / STR / Marifka Wahyu Hidayat; MW2015113006]
The ratification of the Revised Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget at the South Tangerang DPRD on October 15 2015 was tough. Two parties, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) and the People's Conscience Party (Hanura) chose to walk out of the trial. They think that the budget change proposed by the Mayor of South Tangerang, Airin Rahmi Diany, is too big.

One of the points of APBD expenditure that they suspect is the post of grant funds which has jumped up to 256 percent. "There are allegations that the funds will be used for the incumbent's campaign," said Deputy Chairman of the DPRD from the Hanura Party, Shaleh Asnawi, in early December 2015.

Based on the Mayor's Regulation Number 37 of 2015 concerning Amendments to the Translation of the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget for the 2015 Fiscal Year, there are 110 organizations that have received this grant.

We then tracked three organizations that were listed as receiving these grants. The three organizations are the KAHFI Foundation, which was recorded to have received Rp. 90 million in the 2015 South Tangerang Regional Budget. There was also the South Tangerang Youth Organization which received Rp. 500 million and the Ukhuwah Youth Madani (Kurma) Community of South Tangerang City which received Rp. 100 million.

Our search revealed that the Madani Youth Ukhuwah Community (Kurma) was a fictional organization. The addresses of those listed on the list of grant recipients in Mayor Regulation Number 37 of 2015 concerning Amendments to the Elaboration of the Regional Budget for Fiscal Year 2015 cannot be found.

The address of this community is recorded as being located on Jalan Pasar Jengkol RT 007/001 Kelurahan Babakan, Setu District, without a number. When met, the head of RT 007, Andi Jaluk, admitted that he did not know the existence of the community in question. "Nothing, it's fake, from the past until now there has been no such community in our RT," said Andi when met at his house in early December 2015.

Not only that. This community is also not a legal entity. With an unclear address and legal status, it is questionable how this organization can be judged worthy by the Mayor of South Tangerang to obtain a grant of up to Rp 100 million.

We then traced the next organization on the list: Sekretariat Karang Taruna South Tangerang. On the list, this organization received grant funds of up to IDR 500 million. Unfortunately, even though they are visited during working hours, their office is empty.

Only tracking to the KAHFI Foundation has produced results. When we met, Minadi, an administrator of the KAHFI Foundation, admitted that he did not know about the Rp 90 million grant from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. But he claims to know who is behind their foundation.

"Our coach is Pak Haji Rosyid," he said. By "Haji Rosyid" he meant Abdul Rosyid, Chairman of the Golkar faction in the South Tangerang DPRD.

A member of the South Tangerang DPRD accused, not only of KAHFI, that two other organizations: the Community of Ukhuwah Remaja Madani and Karang Taruna of South Tangerang, are also closely related to Abdul Rosyid. Airin himself was indeed promoted by the Golkar Party to defend his seat as incumbent.

The name Abdul Rosyid is also listed as one of the campaign fund contributors for Airin and Ben amounting to Rp 50 million.

The findings of the Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (FITRA) are in line with this indication. The agency found that a total of 22 organizations receiving social assistance and grants were associated with the Airin success team.

"Some of the accepting institutions are fictitious and most of the success teams are incumbents," said Secretary General of FITRA Yenny Sucipto, at the end of November 2015.

Based on FITRA data, Rp 29.5 billion in funds flowed to the 22 institutions, such as the Posyandu administrators, the Tangsel Posyandu Cadre Forum, the Tangsel AIDS Commission, and the Tangsel Indonesian Red Cross, where Airin acts as chairman and supervisor. "It's clear that the APBD has been politicized," said Yenny.

The following 22 FITRA Version of South Tangerang Grant Recipient Institutions:

  1. Tangsel City KNPI Rp. 500 million. The Chair of the KNPI is Eeng Sulaiman who is also the Secretary of the Tangsel PPP DPC. PPP is one of the supporting parties for the Airin-Benyamin pair.
  2. Tangsel Mosque Council Rp. 5.6 billion. The head of DMI is Heli Slamet, Head of the Public Welfare Section of the Tangsel City Government.
  3. Tangsel Taklim Assembly Unity Forum Rp. 2.7 billion, chaired by the Golkar Party board members.
  4. The Madani Youth Ukhuwah Community of Rp. 100 million was fostered by Abdul Rosyid, Chairman of the Golkar Party Faction at the Tangsel DPRD.
  5. The Rp 90 million KAHFI Foundation was fostered by Abdul Rosyid.
  6. Tangsel Youth Organization Rp. 500 million. Its chairman is Abdul Rosyid, Chairman of the Golkar Party faction.
  7. Tangsel School Health Business TP Rp. 1 billion. This institution is led by Airin himself.
  8. Posyandu Seledri 1 organizer IDR 173 million. This institution is led by Airin.
  9. Tangsel Posyandu Cadre Forum Rp. 240 million, this institution is directly led by Airin.
  10. The South Tangerang AIDS Commission is chaired by Airin.
  11. PMI Tangsel Rp 700 million, chaired by Airin.
  12. Ciputat District Teachers' Koran Forum Rp. 85 million. This forum has no office and is a legal entity formed by the incumbent.
  13. The Koran Teacher Forum in East Ciputat Rp. 75 million. This forum has no office and is formed by the incumbent.
  14. The Serpong Subdistrict Teacher Ngaji Forum Rp. 105 million, formed by the incumbent, this forum does not have an office.
  15. Pondok Aren Koran Teacher Forum Rp. 125 million. This forum has no legal entity, is formed by the incumbent, and does not have an office.
  16. The Setu Subdistrict Ngaji Teacher Forum is IDR 75 million. This forum has no legal entity and no law.
  17. The Cempaka Putih Community Gathering Forum Rp. 10 million, this forum does not have a legal entity. Formed by community leaders who support Airin.
  18. The Rp. 95 million Rp. 95 million Ngaji Guru Forum in Pamulang District This forum has no legal entity and does not have an office.
  19. The Rp.85 million Rp. 85 million Ngaji Guru Forum in Serpong Utara District, formed by the incumbent, has no office.
  20. Paguyuban SGA Radio Rp. 10 million. This forum does not have a legal entity.
  21. Pondok Pesantren Kota Tangerang Gathering Forum Rp. 10 million. This forum has no legal entity.
  22. The Madani Youth Ukhuwah Community of Tangerang City Rp. 100 million. Communities that do not have this legal entity.
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Contacted separately, the Director General of Regional Finance at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Reydonnyzar Moenek, said that the increase in the budget for social assistance funds and grants in the APBD is indeed rife two years before the regional elections. Moreover, he said, if the incumbent ran again.

"The assumption of two years (before the elections, funds -) for grants and social assistance to increase is correct, both in terms of intensity and frequency. So is there a correlation? Yes, that's exactly what happened, ”said Donny - as he is usually called - in early December 2015.

Donny said that the regions are not prohibited from budgeting for social assistance and grants. However, the regions cannot make the fund post a priority for spending. This is in accordance with the mandate of Law Number 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government and the Circular of the Ministry of Home Affairs Number 900/4627 / SJ. "It can be budgeted as long as the amount does not exceed the budget allocation for mandatory government affairs," said Donny.

So, if the 2015 South Tangerang Revised APBD is observed, Donny's warning seems to have been ignored. The budget disbursed by the Tangsel city government on 13 mandatory government affairs is smaller than the total grant budget. For development planning, for example, only Rp. 42.3 billion was budgeted even though there were 10 agencies under it.

Head of the Budget Division of the Regional Financial and Asset Management Revenue Service, Wawang Kusdaya, has an explanation of this matter. According to him, the additional Rp 75 billion in grant funds was actually allocated for holding regional head elections in Tangsel. The reason is, in the pure APBD, said Wawang, only Rp. 1 billion is budgeted for preparation for the regional head elections.

"At first we thought that the 2016 regional election, only at the beginning of the year there were new rules and we participated in the 2015 elections," he said, last Friday at his office.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, said Wawang, allowed the funds to be issued first to the General Election Commission and the Election Supervisory Committee, then the budget would then be budgeted in the Revised APBD. "So the KPU can run without waiting for the APBD to be passed," he said.

The South Tangerang KPU received grants of Rp. 60.9 billion, Panwaslu of Rp. 8.2 billion, and for regional election security assistance for the South Jakarta Metro Police of Rp. 4.3 billion and the Tangerang City Police of Rp. 3.1 billion.

Is it true that these grants are really the incumbent's strategy to harvest support? Was this strategy successful? The answer will be made public today.

In the 9 December 2015 regional election, Airin and Ben will fight against Ikhsan Modjo-Li Claudia Chandra and Arsyid-Elvier Ariadianne to compete for 913,437 voters in South Tangerang.

What is clear is Airin refused to comment on this. Through a short message, he asked all questions regarding the Tangsel APBD grant, to be submitted to DPRD members only.


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