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Photos of the incumbent are still posted on government-owned service advertisements

The incumbent candidates who competed in the regional elections simultaneously benefited by posting their photos through public service advertisements belonging to the local government.

Even though they have been appointed as candidates for regional head, the government-owned public service billboards and banners that have posted their photos have not been removed.

As part of the government program, the cost of public service advertisements belonging to the local government for Regional Work Units (SKPD) uses the Regional Budget (APBD). How much is the budget spent?

ONE of the corners of Jl. Sudirman Binjai, North Sumatra looks crowded with banners and billboards from various agencies. But there are a few small billboards that attract enough attention.

The size is only about 1 mx 2 m. The small billboards are nailed to a wooden wooden plate as high as 2-3 meters. Furthermore, the billboards are tied tied to electric poles or traffic signs along Jl. Sudirman.

What attracts attention is not the shape of the billboard, but the content of the billboard. The billboards actually belonged to the Binjai City Transportation Agency which contained public service advertisements.

It contains an invitation to park the vehicle according to the predetermined markings and use a double key for two-wheeled vehicles. However, at the bottom of the billboard was inserted the sentence "Binjai 1 Continue" along with a photo of the incumbent pair of candidates who at that time served as Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Binjai, Idaham and Timbas Tarigan. This billboard has been installed since April 2015.

Whether coincidence or not, when the candidate serial number was withdrawn, the pair did get serial number 1.

Even though it is no longer installed, the installation of the incumbent's image also provokes comments from Binjai residents who think that the Binjai Government is not neutral in the Pilkada.

"That's the deliciousness of the incumbent, everything can be made," said Rian, a resident of South Binjai, some time ago.

The Head of Public Relations of the Binjai Municipal Government, Hendrik Tambunan, when confirmed some time ago, denied that the installation of this sign was a hidden campaign carried out by the Mayor of Binjai.

According to him, the sign was an invitation to the public to obey traffic.

"We (Pemko) install it. But that was just an invitation to order traffic, not an invitation to vote again, "he said.

The method that was done by Idaham-Timbas Tarigan in Binjai was also done by the incumbent in Pematangsiantar city and RegencySimalungun.

The former Mayor of Pematangsiantar, Hulman Sitorus, who returned to the Pilkada, also displayed his face on the banner paying the restaurant tax belonging to the Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (DPPKAD) which was installed in restaurants and family planning socialization boards belonging to the Women's Empowerment and Family Planning Agency ( BPPKB).

While the face of JR Saragih, who is the incumbent in the district Simalungun, his face plastered on billboards for depositing local taxes and levies belonging to the Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (DPPKAD), billboards for managing business permits belonging to the Integrated Licensing Service Agency (BPPT), a sign for the Regent's appeal Simalungun to maintain the noble values of Pancasila belonging to Kesbang PolSimalungun and a signboard for transparency in favor of the poor belonging to the PNPM Mandiri Rural District SatkerSimalungun.

Tribun monitoring, until Saturday (5/12/2015), for Binjai City, after the term of office of Idaham and Timbas ended on August 13 2015, the small billboards were no longer installed.

While in Siantar, although Hulman Sitorus' tenure ended on 23 September 2015 and JR Saragih's tenure at Simalungun ended October 28 2015, the billboard containing public service advertisements had not been revoked.

DPPKAD's banner Siantar the one that posted a photo of Hulman Sitorus is still installed at Kok Tong Restaurant on Jl. Cipto and Patarias Restaurant in Megaland Complex. Meanwhile, billboards and signs with JR Saragih's photo can be found along the road to Raya.

"If it is damaged, the JR billboards will be installed again. Recently, a new one was installed because it was damaged, ”said Rahmad, a resident of Paneitonga sub-district to Tribun, Saturday (5/12/2015).

Based on the book Attachments to the Programs and Activities of the Binjai City Regional Work Unit for Fiscal Year 2015, the traffic order socialization billboard is included in the Programs and Activities of the Binjai City Transportation Service in 2015, namely in the eyes of the Socialization / Counseling on Traffic and Transportation Order with a budget of Rp. 47,650 .000.

The source of the Tribune at the Binjai DPRD said that until now there had never been a summons by the Binjai DPRD against the Transportation Service regarding the billboard with a photo of the incumbent couple inserted.

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"As far as I remember, there has never been a summons to the Dishub regarding this matter," said a source from the Tribun, Saturday (5/12/2015).

The budget used for public service advertisements is not small. In the 2015 APBD, Pemkab Simalungunthrough the DPPKAD budgeted Rp. 1 billion in the budget for the Socialization / Appeal for Regional Taxes and Retribution (PDRD).

Meanwhile, for the Integrated Licensing Service Agency, there is a budget of IDR 244,500,000 in the line item for the Socialization of Licensing Products.

Meanwhile, Pematangsiantar City, according to the 2015 APBD in the Regional Financial and Asset Management Revenue Service (DPPKAD) there is a budget of IDR 86 million in the Regional Tax Awareness Campaign budget line, and for the Women's Empowerment and Family Planning Agency there is a budget of 5.9 million in the BKKBD Socialization budget line. .

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Not only through billboards and public service advertisement signs, JR Saragih also had the opportunity to appear "for free" in the Pilkada socialization held by the KPUD. Simalungunthroughout the month of June 2015. In the socialization with the theme of Democracy Stage, KPUD Simalungunbudgeted Rp. 3.7 billion. The funds are used for the implementation of the Democracy Stage in six locations in the districtSimalungun by inviting six artists from the capital.

In each of these socializations, JR Saragih, who at that time was still a regent Simalungun always appear giving speeches and given a special place by the KPU Simalungun. Meanwhile, the deputy regent Simalungun Nuriaty Damanik was absent. The two of them broke up together and ran through their respective parties.

Previously the head of the KPUD Simalungun, Adelbert Damanik when confirmed, said what they were doing was an activity to increase voter participation.

"I think this event is very good because it will stimulate young people and the community to attend so that we can provide socialization to them," he said.

Adelbert said the costs they paid for this socialization were still mediocre.

"Because the funds we have budgeted include for all items of socialization, starting from the equipment we use, such as clothes, umbrellas, hats and events," he said.

Budget observer from FITRA North Sumatra, Rurita Ningrum said, for banners or billboards that still display images of the incumbent, it should be the domain of Bawaslu, that of course this is not justified and can be reported so that it is immediately disciplined.

Fraudulent efforts should be minimized with a synergy between the KPU and Bawaslu so that the Pilkada can run fairly and honestly. If the banners and billboards use the official budget sourced from the APBD, then this can be requested from BPK to carry out a special examination.

Rurita added, Bawaslu often used the reason for the lack of personnel and budget in an effort to control the campaign props for the Regent / Deputy or Mayor / Deputy candidate pair so that fraud was still found by the success team of the candidate pairs themselves.

"Sometimes the obstacle for Bawaslu when it will curb billboards or banners that violate these rules is the threat from OKP parties who are supporters of the Paslon. This is also one of the reasons for" favoritism "between pairs of regional head candidates who are one of them. with others, "said Rurita.

Chairman of the North Sumatra Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu), Syafrida R Asahan, said that incumbent candidates or pairs of candidates are actually prohibited from using billboards, banners or other forms of socialization of public service advertisements to display photos of themselves since they are appointed as candidates for regional head.

However, what happened was that many public service billboards belonging to Regional Work Units (SKPD) were not handed down or replaced by government the area.

"From the coordination meeting that was held between Panwas, KPUD and SKPD, our agreement is for the Regional Government to be more active in lowering these billboards and replacing them with new ones. If the Pemdanya does not have the budget anymore, the image of the incumbent can be spray painted. But not all regions are running it. The point is we (Panwas) are still warning the local government to be more active, because that (controlling billboards) is their realm. We are not executors, ”said Syafrida, Monday (7/12/2015).

Syafrida said, the use of public service advertisement billboards is included in the category of using Regional Government programs and activities for election activities and for incumbents, this is prohibited in PKPU No.7 of 2015.

"In accordance with PKPU, the penalty can be disqualification (cancellation) as a participant. Other candidates who object to this can actually complain. But it should have been long ago. Now, there are only a few days left before the voting, ”he said.


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