A light from Ahmadiyah

It was such emotional dawn at a house in Tenjowaringin Village, Selawu sub-District, Tasikmalaya. The family and relatives of late Susi Fasalawati gathered, reciting prayers and Al Qur’an verses to send their departed family member. This funeral procession is not the usual one. Apart from reciting the prayers, there was also a cornea surgery belonging […]

Sowing knowledge, reaping brotherhood in Tembok Bolong

  The Eucharist celebration at Santo Bartolomeus church in Taman Galaxi, Bekasi has not been finished for too long. Theodora Karunia Masharini was rushing to the parking lot. She started her motorbike and left the church together with a friend. They drove to Tembok Bolong village, around 1.5 kilometers north of Santo Bartolomeus church. This […]

Sasak puppet, a respect for diversity

  Made Darundya, the Sasak Puppet Master was speechless. For a minute he was stunned. Then he hugged Jayengrana and Munigarim – two hundred years of age puppet characters – belonging to Muhammad. Tears ran down his face. He imagined hugging his grandfather, Nengah Gowang – a famous and legendary Sasak Puppet Master in Lombok […]

Sasak puppet, the peacemaker

The situation in Lingkungan Petemon, Pagutan Village, Mataram city that night had not been fully recovered. The heat from dissension between people living in Petemon and its neighbouring village, Lingkungan Karang Genteng, still filled the evening air. But Darundya still fulfilled the invitation from Arpah (50) to perform in Petemon. Under heavy escort from security […]

Pontianak Private firefighting force: harmonisation of ethnicity and religion

The trauma from ethnic conflict in West Kalimantan haunted him. Four ethnic groups in West Kalimantan, Malay, Dayak, Chinese, and Madurese indeed hold a significant conflict record. In the article ‘Menelusuri Akar Konflik Antaretnik di Kalimantan Barat’ – searching for the root of ethnic conflicts in West Kalimantan – Arkanudin (2006) wrote the conflict mostly […]