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Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police (AKBP) Roland Ronaldy and Kompol Harun immediately went to investigate Kumala Dewi Sumartono. The results of the examination are compiled in the Investigation Report (BAP) dated March 5, 2017.

Basuki Hariman's company financial record book had caused an internal riot in the Corruption Eradication Commission. The names of various state institutions and officials are mentioned in it. Two Polri Intermediate Officers who served on the anti-rasuah commission moved to secure the situation.

Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner Roland Roland's forehead frowned as he examined the digital copies of the documents that were handed to him. After scrolling through the smartphone screen to check the document, he quickly returned it to IndonesiaLeaks.

Ah, this is a secret issue, what are you doing? you ask again? " he said when met at the Cirebon City Police, mid-June 2018.

He did not deny the validity of the document, but was reluctant to respond. After a while Roland asked that the camera that had recorded the interview be scrutinized. A subordinate was also asked to make sure the recording was erased from the memory card.

Documents passed to Roland entered the platform IndonesiaLeaks at the end of 2017. This coverage is the result of collaboration between Jaring and a number of media members IndonesiaLeaks. 

IndonesiaLeaks  is an independent platform for public informants to deliver quality news and voice public interests. The technology used by the platform IndonesiaLeaks does not allow tracking of the identity of the sender of documents Therefore, verification of four different sources was carried out to ensure the validity of the documents used in this coverage.


"What is meant by the inscription 'u /' is for, but what H.MK means I do not know," explained Evi Julia Novarida, Admin of CV Sumber Laut Perkasa when questioned by the KPK, as stated in the Investigation Minutes dated March 7 2017.

During the trial it was revealed that the initials H. MK referred to Patrialis Akbar, who at that time served as a Constitutional Court Judge. The amount of SG$ 211,300 is planned to be given to Patrialis on January 24, 2017.

The bribe to Patrialis was carried out by the owner of CV Sumber Laut Perkasa, Basuki Hariman, to facilitate judicial review of Law Number 41 of 2014 concerning Animal Husbandry and Animal Health. Having not had time to do so, the KPK was immediately arrested on January 25, 2017.

Even though he failed to enter Patrialis's pocket, the bribery plan was recorded in a blackback financial notebook owned by PT Panorama Indah Sejati. Apart from the book, the KPK also helped secure financial records in a red-bound book when it searched Basuki Hariman's office.

The expense records in the two books were handwritten by several company employees. One of them is Kumala Dewi Sumartono, Finance Staff of CV Sumber Laut Perkasa.

Every penny that leaves Sumber Laut Perkasa has to go through Kumala's table in order to flow. However, he is not a decision maker. The order to disburse money was given by Basuki Hariman as beneficial owner or General Manager of CV Sumber Laut Perkasa Ng Fenny.

From the two superiors, Kumala also received an explanation regarding the allocation of the money disbursement. The date, amount, and purpose of expenditure are recorded in detail.


Basuki Hariman's company financial books were also submitted as evidence in the Patrialis Akbar bribery case. Basuki Hariman, Ng Fenny, and Patrialis Akbar have indeed been convicted, but several names of state institutions and officials who were also recorded in the financial book were not revealed during the trial.

One of the reasons for the disappearance of these names was the exclusion of the Investigation Report (BAP) prepared by KPK investigator Surya Tarmiani. He had time to examine Kumala Dewi as a witness for Ng Fenny on March 9, 2017.

The questions in the BAP prepared by KPK investigator Surya Tarmiani started with number 35. This shows that 34 questions were asked to the same witness at the previous examination.

In the dossier, Surya asked Kumala to explain 68 transactions recorded in a red cover book of financial records. The total expenditure of IDR 23.51 billion was recorded flowing to 32 different names.

Kumala did not know the details of some of the names mentioned in the book. Another case when he was asked to explain the note that read "Date 2016 19/1, Buy USD 71,840 x 13,920 u / Kapolda".

"It is a cash gift to the Regional Police Chief Tito Karnavian in the amount of USD 71,840 which was delivered by Basuki Hariman. The driver Basuki Hariman uses is Muklas or Lasdi, ”explained Kumala as written in the BAP.

The name Tito Karnavian is always called Kumala when explaining the eight notes beginning with the words "u / Kapolda", "u / Kapolda / TITO," Bp TITO / Polda, "," u / Bp Tito (Kapolda), ", and" u / Mr. Tito ”. He even had time to correct the note that read "Date 7/9 2016, Pemb USD 76,144 x 13,133 u / HD, Credit 999,999,152". According to him, there had been an error recording in the bank book.

"In my opinion, what is right is a gift to the Regional Police Chief, Tito Karnavian. Because Basuki Hariman gave money to Kapolda Tito Karnavian in the amount of Rp1,000,000,000, which was exchanged in USD every month from January to July 2016, then in August 2016 there was no gift for Tito Karnavian, "he explained.

The witness corrects the financial records dated September 7, 2017. Even though the book is written as u / HD, according to him the gift is intended for Kapolda Tito Karnavian. The reason is, Basuki Hariman routinely gave money to the person concerned every month from January to July 2016.

Tito had indeed held the position of Kapolda Metro Jaya from June 2, 2015 to March 16, 2016. In the Sumber Laut financial record book, it was written that three times the company's expenses during that period were intended for him. Twice with a nominal value of IDR 1 billion, while the remaining amount is IDR 200 million.

In addition, there are six other expenditure records designated "u / Kapolda" for the period March 21 2016 to September 7 2016. The value is exactly or nearly Rp. 1 billion. In that period, Tito was transferred as Head of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT).

Based on Kumala's nine statements, the total expenditure intended for Tito Karnavian reached IDR 8.2 billion. This value is more than a third of the total transactions questioned by KPK investigator Surya Tarmiani to Kumala Dewi Sumartono.

"I do not know the purpose or interest in giving money to several people, as I explained in number 39 (question number - red). Because I only carried out orders from Basuki Hariman or Ng Fenny to prepare the required money, ”he explained as written in the BAP.

IndonesiaLeaks asked Kumala Dewi Sumartono for confirmation regarding the information he had given to KPK investigators. However, the person concerned was reluctant to be interviewed.

"He (Kumala) did not want to be interviewed and did not want to be asked about it (the flow of money)," said one of his family members, last June.

Likewise, Basuki Hariman was reluctant to accept interviews. "Already done, me not want to be interviewed, you can understand not?, "he said in a raised voice, last June.


National Police Chief Tito Karnavian was reluctant to comment when he was confirmed IndonesiaLeaks about his name which is listed in Basuki Hariman's company financial records. When met at the State Palace at the end of last August, he shifted responsibility to the Public Relations of the Police.

"It has been answered by the Public Relations (Polri). It is enough not? " he said, pointing his index finger at Indonesialeaks.

Karo Penmas Polri, Brigadier General Police M. Iqbal, only answered questions that were asked and answered in writing. In his reply, he said that the accusation of accepting bribes aimed at the National Police Chief was not the first time this had happened.

"People can make notes that are not necessarily correct. Previously, when he was Kapolda Papua, Kapolri had experienced the same thing and it has been clarified, "he explained in a written answer delivered last July.

The National Police indeed denied that any flow of funds from Basuki Hariman's company had entered Tito Karnavian's pocket. However, the appearance of Tito's name in the investigation of Basuki Hariman's bribery case, had made two Polri members who were seconded to the KPK mess up.

The action was carried out by AKBP Roland Ronaldy and Kompol Harun by examining Kumala Dewi Sumartono. During the examination they asked for an explanation of some of the evidence related to the exchange of Rupiah to US Dollars and Singapore Dollars. Kumala's statement was then compiled in the BAP dated April 5, 2017.

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Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police (AKBP) Roland Ronaldy and Kompol Harun immediately went to investigate Kumala Dewi Sumartono. The results of the examination are compiled in the Investigation Report (BAP) dated March 5, 2017.

The two did not mention Kumala's statement regarding the names of state officials and institutions when questioned in the previous month. Instead, they asked Kumala Dewi whether the information she gave on 20 February 2017 was still the same.

Another irregularity can be seen from the BAP compiled by Roland and Harun. The questions in the files they compiled began with number 35, the same number as the BAP compiled by Surya Tarmiani. In other words, both of them negated the investigation conducted by Surya Tarmiani on Kumala Dewi Sumartono and had been drafted in the BAP dated March 9, 2017.

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It was stated that Kumala Dewi Sumartono's previous examination took place on February 20. The examination conducted by Surya Tarmiani on 9 March 2017 was not touched on by Roland and Harun.

The interrogation carried out by Roland and Harun on Kumala came only a day after the laptop belonging to KPK investigator Surya Tarmiani was seized by an unknown person. Surya immediately reported the incident to the Setabudi Police on the same day.

Karo Penmas Police Headquarters Muhammad Iqbal said the confiscation of Surya's laptop was handled by Polda Metro Jaya. They have formed a team to investigate cases, check CCTV, and examine reporters and witnesses. However, 1.5 years after the report was made there were no significant developments.

"Not yet found the suspect," said Iqbal in his written answer to Indonesialeaks.


The strategy of two Roland and Harun did not end with making a new BAP. The two of them launched another move to remove their superior's name from Basuki Hariman's bribery whirl.

Roland and Harun signed up tipp-ex on several columns of financial records on the night of April 7 2017 in the Collaboration room, 9th floor of the KPK building. The two of them also tore up several sheets of notes bearing the names of Tito and several other Police officers.

Indonesialeaks tried to interview Harun to ask for information about the action. Interview requests and messages sent to his contact number were unrequited. He also did not respond much when met near his residence in the Palmerah area, Jakarta.

"Yes, yes, yes," he said as he walked to the car, last August.

His colleague, Roland Ronaldy, was also briefly met IndonesiaLeaks in mid-June 2018. Although he is not as economical in speaking as his colleagues, he is reluctant to respond to many questions about his actions in damaging the financial records of Basuki Hariman's company.

"Never mind, this has been answered by the Police Headquarters. Done. Already several times (answered). I'm under him, "he explained.

The action of destroying evidence by the two middle police officers was only followed up after a letter requesting an investigation by Roland and Harun entered the KPK's Internal Supervisory (PI) desk for the second time. In the letter, scans of several torn financial records were included.

KPK chairman Agus Raharjo said that the results of the investigation conducted by PI found Roland and Harun guilty. Their actions were recorded by CCTV as evidence.

"PI (Internal Supervisor) moved because there was evidence (CCTV footage). I did not read the results of the report (examination), but the PI was found guilty, "he explained.

He called Roland and Harun's actions a serious violation so that the KPK leadership decided to dismiss the two of them through Decree Number 1252 of 2017 concerning Dismissal of Civil Servants Employed at the Corruption Eradication Commission.

The two of them were indeed returned to the National Police Headquarters with a red note from the KPK, but the BAP they compiled when they examined Kumala Dewi was included in the investigation file and used in Ng Fenny's trial. Meanwhile, the BAP compiled by Surya Tarmiani and containing Kumala Dewi's statement regarding the flow of money to Tito Karnavian and several officials and government institutions was unclear.


The dismissal letter of Roland and Harun is attached to the letter Number R / 4136 / KP07 / 01-54 / 10/2017 concerning the Re-Intervention of Civil Servants Hired at the KPK on behalf of Mr. Roland Ronaldy and Br. Aaron. Through this letter, both KPK leaders were returned to serve in the Indonesian National Police as of October 16, 2017.

In the same letter, it was stated that Roland and Harun were in the process of being examined by the Directorate of Internal Supervision for allegedly violating employment regulations. The investigation was not completed when the letter was signed by KPK Chairman Agus Rahardjo on October 13, 2017.

Roland's return to the National Police Headquarters also cut his tenure at the KPK. As stated in his return letter, Roland's term of service will actually be completed on October 6, 2019. The reason is that he received a study assignment at Macquarie University, Australia to take a Masters level in the major Master of Policing, Ilnteligence, and Counter Terrorism.

Later, the National Police denied that the two members had been sent home due to violations. This was emphasized by Muhammad Iqbal, who still served as Karo Penmas in the Public Relations Division of the National Police at the end of last July.

"The police internal inspection did not find any violations (destruction of evidence). The existing data and evidence have been clarified, ”said Iqbal.

He admitted that the results of the investigation had also been communicated with the KPK Internal Supervisor. The return of Roland and Harun to the police, he continued, was because their term of service at the KPK was almost over.

"Like other members who served outside the Polri structure who returned to the Police were placed according to their portion and capacity," explained Iqbal.


UGM Anti-Corruption Research Center (PUKAT) researcher Oce Madril assessed that the destruction of evidence carried out by investigators was not completed by returning to their original institution. He said that this action was a criminal act of corruption itself.

"Of course this can be categorized as a separate corruption crime. At least it was fulfilled because he obstructed the process of investigating a corruption case, "he explained last August.

The destruction of evidence by Roland and Harun, he continued, can be interpreted in two forms. First, they tampered with secret state documents.

"If we can understand that the confiscated documents are state secrets because they are used for investigations and law enforcement," he explained.

Apart from that, their actions could be categorized as violations of Law Number 31 Year 1999 concerning the Eradication of Corruption Crime Article 21. The act of staking and tearing up financial records, he explained, was an obstacle to the investigation process.

“One of the ways to block it is by destroying evidence or removing some information so that the case becomes imperfect. In my opinion, at least the two articles of punishment could be imposed on the parties who had been withholding information, "he explained.

Oce added that even though the evidence had been destroyed, the Basuki Hariman bribery case was still possible to develop. The Corruption Eradication Commission can look for new evidence to be submitted to trial. Political will, he added, is needed to do this.

KPK Chairman Agus Rahardjo agreed with this possibility. He said that case development is the task of KPK investigators, although until now there have been no steps to develop the bribery case committed by Basuki Hariman.

"If the investigator feels that it can be developed, it is sufficient initial evidence, it will definitely be exposed later, then the title of the case, it is decided whether it is up or not. Today we have not received a request for them to conduct a case title, "he explained. (Net Team)

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