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Ten Regional Heads with the Highest Corruption Value

Jakarta, - Rita Widyasari's steps towards the number one seat in East Kalimantan were not as smooth as the two regional head elections that led her to become the Regent of Kutai Kartanegara for two periods (2010-2015 and 2016-2021). Predicted as the strongest candidate for governor in the 2018 East Kalimantan Pilkada, Rita had to be knocked out of the candidacy market after being named a suspect by the KPK.

Rita is suspected of receiving gratuities from permits and projects from the Kukar administration from the first to the second term of her administration. The number of indictments by the prosecutors was not small, the value reached Rp. 469 billion. Rita rejected the charges through her attorney, but did not file an objection note (exception) at the trial of reading the dakwan as in the news. on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

Based on data collected by the JARING Data Team, Rita's gratification value was the largest corruption committed by regional heads out of 117 regional officials suspected by the KPK between 2011 and February 2018. In 8 years, 117 regional officials were suspected of corruption

The second rank is occupied by the former Regent of Bangkalan H. Fuad Amin (2015) whose total corruption reached Rp. 441 billion from licensing gratuities, deposits of Service Work Units, sale and purchase of CPNS SK and use of APBD. In third place is the former Mayor of Tomohon City, Jefferson SM Rumajar (2012 and 2016), who used the regional treasury up to IDR 65 billion for personal gain.

If the total value of corruption committed by 117 regional officials is added up, whether it is gratuities, bribes, money laundering, the use of APBD to the sale and purchase of CPNS SK, the value will reach Rp 1.4 trillion. Meanwhile, the calculated state loss is at least IDR 7.5 trillion.

Main Source of Corruption

Half of the value of the prosecutor's indictment against Rita was gratuity originating from 867 projects in the public development agency. If you look at the 10 regional heads with the greatest value of corruption, four regional heads take advantage of public development projects and permits. Three regional heads of corruption in official projects, regional treasury (APBD) and quoting deposits from the Official Work Unit. One regional head sells and buys SK CPNS and deducts employee benefits.

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North Sulawesi Governor Nur Alam received the most gratuities from licensing, which reached Rp 42.7 billion. According to Auriga researcher Grahat Nagara, processing permits is vulnerable to bribery and extortion due to the absence of standard processing time and costs. In addition, the licensing process that is not clearly defined in the regulations is an opening for bribes and gratuities.

"Based on a joint research by the KPK, under 2014 a permit applicant could issue 20 billion. Above 2014, it could be up to Rp. 40 billion - Rp. 50 billion for a signature of a minister or recommendation for a regional head's permit, "said Grahat when met at Auriga's office, Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

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Most corruption also occurs in the use of regional budgets, for example development programs and projects in the government agencies. Grahat said that one of the most common modes is designing a budget whose achievements cannot be measured.

Most of the gratuities from service projects were made by Rita, at least Rp. 148 billion was collected from the Education Office, the Health Service, the Communication and Information Service, the Cipta and Spatial Planning Service, the Industry and Trade Office, the Manpower and Transmigration Service, the Plantation Service Forestry, and others.

Quotations from the Regional Apparatus Work Units (SKPD) were mostly collected by former Bangkalan Regent two H Fuad Amin period, which reached Rp. 341 billion. After Fuad was convicted, Perpres 131/2015 was issued which stated that Bangkalan was one of the underdeveloped areas.

The most misuse of the APBD and regional treasury was committed by the former Mayor of Tomohon, Jefferson SM Rumajar, whose value reached Rp. 64 billion. Jefferson had to pay for his actions with a sentence of 23 years in prison. (Deborah Blandina Sinambela)

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