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Beranda NEWS Environment Throwing on the Responsibility to Close Illegal Mining in Palu (Part 2)

Throwing on the Responsibility to Close Illegal Mining in Palu (Part 2)

HAMMER - To evaluate an unlicensed gold mine in Poboya Village, Mantikulore District, the Palu City Government finally formed an investigation team chaired by the Deputy Mayor of Palu, Sigit Purnomo Said.

"I am entrusted by the Mayor of Palu as the team leader. In its implementation, I will cooperate with all Regional Leadership Communication Forums to see first hand the problems in that location," said Sigit before visiting the location.

In front of a number of journalists at a press conference on Thursday (3/9), Sigit emphasized that there was no bargaining with businessmen who were mining at the Poboya mining site, Mantikulore District.

"There is no bargaining, and no bargaining with companies related to the Palu Municipal Government's efforts to stop mining activities," said Sigit.

The former vocalist of the Ungu Band emphasized that the entire pool as a place to soak gold material which is managed by a businessman that involves certain parties, will also be closed.

The municipal government, he said, would exclude people from mining gold and other potential resources at the location, which are included in the Tahura area and the contract of work area owned by PT. Palu Mineral Image.

The investigation team was formed based on the Decree of the Mayor of Palu Number 050 / 522.a / BAPPEDA / 2016 concerning the investigation and advocacy team for solving strategic problems in Palu City, which was established in Palu on April 5, 2016 and signed by the Mayor of Palu Hidayat.

The team is divided into several working groups (pokja). One of them is the mining and environmental working group with the coordinator of the expert staff in the construction sector of the Palu City Secretariat.



After the issuance of the Decree of the Mayor of Palu, the investigation team then moved to investigate the problems that occurred at the Poboya mine site. On Thursday (10/3), the team chaired by Sigit went to the mine exploitation location together with the team coordinator and members of the mining and environmental Working Group.

For almost five hours, the investigation team “ransacked” the mine site, saw the condition of the Vatutempa hills and the devastated Tahura area of Central Sulawesi, saw the activities of illegal companies, had discussions with a number of miners, Poboya traditional leaders and company representatives.

After a visit to the mine site, the Head of the Investigation Team, Sigit Purnomo Said, asked for time to reformulate what steps to take regarding the illegal mining.

After a while, Sigit said that the results of the investigation were asking PT Citra Palu Mineral (CPM) to shrink the area.

This statement was strengthened by the Mayor of Palu, Hidayat. The municipal government asked PT. CPM reduced the contract of work land, especially in the Poboya block, Palu City, covering an area of 25 thousand hectares. The investigation found a number of mining violations occurring over the CPM concession.

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"The City Government has been writing since March 2016, but until now there has been no response from the CPM," said Hidayat.

Hidayat said that by not acquiring the land that was controlled by another party, it was suspected that the CPM had contributed to environmental destruction because mining activities in Poboya had damaged the environment.

"As long as it is not being coached, CPM is the same as agreeing to the mine there. It means that there is an omission, ”he said.

So, according to Hidayat, if later the land has been released by CPM, then his party can conduct policy intervention.

PT CPM Media Relations Amran Amir said people's mining activities on CPM land were entered through the local customary council. Furthermore, Amran said that CPM had already reported to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources regarding the illegal mining activity.

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"CPM has specifically reported to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and there is a quarterly report. Copies to the National Police and others, "he said.

Due to Illegal Mining

The Director of Panca Logam Utama, Willem Chandra, denied that his party was working inside the Central Forestry Park (Tahura) area of Central Sulawesi.

“There was once a company owned by Mr. Wang, who operates in the Tahura area, when there is a conflict with the community, his company equipment is also burned, "he said.

According to Willem, the mine site passes through the Tahura entrance gate. But according to him, the gate had not been built before the company entered and had activities in it.

"I was surprised, when the company entered, there was no gate. But how many years later, the gate already existed and the company was considered to be part of the Tahura area, "said Willem.

Meanwhile, Head of the Palu City Agriculture, Forestry and Marine Service, Mukhlis, said that the damage to Tahura due to PETI had indeed occurred.

"We are monitoring through GIS mapping, there are several meters of illegal mining entering Tahura and we have reported it to the provincial government," he said.

The management of Tahura, said Mukhlis, is the duty of the provincial government, while the task of the Palu City Government is limited to monitoring and reporting.

"If there is a violation, we will report it, it's up to the Province whether to take action or not," he said.

A similar sentiment was also conveyed by the Head of the Conservation Section of the Tahura Central Sulawesi Technical Unit (UPT), Nurudin, that the level of damage to Central Sulawesi's Tahura caused by illegal gold mining was 0.67 percent of the 7,128 hectares or around 47 hectares.

"The data is based on the results of the mapping of the Palu City Government Investigation Team," he said.


Map of Damage to Central Sulawesi's Tahura

(Fauzi Lamboka)


This paper has been published, Alkhairaat media, Saturday, 15 October 2016, and edited to be published again in


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