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BPK's Green and Red Card Trails

The property, construction and state-owned companies in Bantul have been controlled by a number of people close to the authorities for the past five years. Business expansion is not always smooth. There are those who cut through other green land, which is the finding of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK). The following is the report of the Daily Jogja Bhekti Suryani journalist.

Land trucks do not stop passing through a housing project site on Jalan Imogiri Barat kilometer 8, Sudimoro, Timbulharjo, Sewon, Bantul, one afternoon in mid-November 2015. The tons of land were unloaded from the truck onto the former rice fields. The goal is to dry up the land so that housing can be built.

In front of the entrance to the project site, waving a number of banners reading PT Dwi Mitra Intitama, a developer currently building a housing complex called Grand Permata Residence. The housing is marketed for IDR 400 million per unit.

Prior to 2015, three hectares of land in the housing complex were covered with stretched green rice plants. Wow ... the land is very fertile there, one of the farmers in Sudimoro Hamlet who asked to remain anonymous, told this media one afternoon, at the end of November 2015. It was so fertile, around 2010 said the source, the Bantul Agriculture and Forestry Service, which was then led by Edi Suhariyanta issued green certificates for nine plots of agricultural land out of a total of 50 plots of land in residential locations.

As a consequence of the green certificate, the land cannot be converted into a function for ten years. The goal is to maintain food security in Bantul. However, since 2014, the green certificate has been forgotten. The developer has been negotiating the land since 2014, said the Head of Sudimoro Hamlet, Muchlis Piterdam Mariskarima some time ago.

The sale and purchase of land was fast. In early 2015 the land was completed. In mid-2015, landfilling for land drainage began. Farmer Sudimoro, who is the source of the media, admits that he can't stop thinking. Suddenly, the green certified land is claimed by the government as a yellow zone where housing is allowed.

He and other farmers could not fight back, because of the news they received, the housing was handled by the brother of Bantul Regent Sri Surya Widati who was in power at that time. Sri Surya Widati is now no longer a regent. The incumbent regent candidate lost against Suharsono in the Regional Head Election (Pilkada) on 9 December 2015.

I don't know whose brother's name is. But all the farmers here know that the regent's family takes care of it. So I don't dare to refuse. The land had to be sold ,? said the middle-aged man who is also involved in the management of the farmer groups in his village.

As many as 36 landowners were forced to sacrifice their livelihoods for housing. In fact, said the source, among the farmers who have become victims of land acquisition are now experiencing depression because they have no more livelihoods. If the name involves the regent, so that green land is replaced by yellow is also no problem. "That's my friend who got stressed because his land was sold," he explained again.

Head of the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) Bantul Tri Saktiyana denied that the housing project was smooth because it was handled by someone close to the ruler at that time. I don't know who owns it. "In principle, according to the regulations, we will issue the principle permit," said Tri Saktiyana.
Regarding the green certified land by the housing, Tri Saktiyana gave a pretext. He claimed that the land on the spatial map of Bantul Regency was included in the yellow zone where housing was allowed. Meanwhile, the Head of the Bantul Agriculture and Forestry Service, Partogi Dame Pakpahan, actually assessed that the granting of green certificates on residential land was not observant because it was carried out in the yellow zone. In the past, the green certificate agreement was an agreement on paper, no? Or was it just verbal? I checked on the spatial plan, the land is yellow, Partogi sounded sure.

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Former Bantul regent Sri Surya Widati also denied that his family had initiated the housing project in Sudimoro. If there is a principle permit for entry, please survey Bappeda, don't get the rules wrong. If it is according to the layout, I will sign it, it means there is no problem. I don't know who asked for [housing permit], Sri Surya Widati claimed when he was confirmed at the end of last December.

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Rapot Red

It is not only the property business that is hit by regulatory problems. The construction business and Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) also received a red report card from the auditor agency. The Regional Company (PD) Aneka Dharma led by the nephew of former Bantul Regent Sri Suryawidati, Farid Hilmi, has routinely been invented by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) for violating regulations. The Attorney General's Office has even investigated the case, although until now it has yielded no results.

The BPK Audit Results Report (LHP) published in 2010 stated that the company's purchase of Bantul Radio, a PD Aneka Dharma business unit for IDR 1.7 billion was unnatural and did not involve an independent appraisal team to estimate the price.

December 2014, the BPK again issued an LHP for Aneka Dharma's performance. The state-owned company is considered to be burdening regional finances worth IDR 1.2 billion. This is because a lot of regional budgets have been disbursed to Aneka Dharma to finance their business activities, but there are also many company business units that are stalled so that they are not profitable.

In the construction sector, the BPK in mid-January 2016 issued an LHP containing an audit of 20 road and bridge construction projects involving a number of partners at the budget of the 2015 APBD. BPK found an enlarged development budget of up to Rp1.9 billion. CV Kartika Buana, owned by the second wife of the former Bantul Idham Samawi regent, Linsiana, was mentioned in the findings as one of the partners who had to recover state losses due to swelling of road construction in the two projects undertaken by these partners.

In addition, CV Sasmita, owned by daughter Linsiana and Idham Samawi, is also included. Finally, PT. Bayu Utama is owned by Ibnu Kadarmanto, the project winning contractor with the greatest value in the last few years. We have followed up on BPK's findings, so that the partners return the excess budget to the regional treasury ,? explained the Head of the Bantul Inspectorate, Bambang Purwadi.


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