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Pilkada Investigations: Candidates Tricks to Overcome Campaign Rules

The billboard with the words Two Enough Children was installed for days at the intersection of Jalan Pahlawan Semarang during the election campaign for the mayor of Semarang. There is great writing and a photo of Hevearita Gunaryanti, a Candidate for Deputy Mayor of Semarang who accompanied Candidate for Mayor Hendrar Prihadi. Great was a sign that the billboard belonged to the pair number two that was carried by the PDIP.

About two kilometers from the billboard, there is also a billboard that reads: One country, one nation, and one language. Installed at the T-junction of Jalan Pandanaran, the billboard is inscribed with Mazu, which stands for the candidate pair for mayor, Soemarmo-Zuber.
The PKB-PKS pair boasted the word One because they were number one. As for candidate number three, Sigit Ibnugroho-Agus Setyoso, also put up many billboards bearing the 3 main things of being a leader: honesty, people and anti-corruption.

In the 2015 regional elections, the installation of such billboards was actually prohibited. This is in accordance with PKPU Number 7 of 2015. Campaign props may only be installed by the KPUD. After all, illegal campaign tools are still on display in various corners of Semarang City. Because it is difficult to control, we (Panwaslu) have sampaigemes, said Semarang Panwaslu member Bekti Maharani, December 6, 2015.

The limitation of campaign tools aims to reduce the cost of the elections while at the same time making them fair. However, it seems that the difference in the amount of campaign funds still occurs. For example, the Sigit-Agus pair up to the second phase of campaign finance reports announced that they received Rp. 6 billion. This budget is double compared to the other two pairs of candidates. Interestingly, the Rp 6 billion was from Sigit's own pocket.

Sigit is the richest candidate with a wealth of Rp. 11 billion and US$ 27 thousand. Sigit admitted that his wealth came from his business for the last six years. About 90 percent of the company's operating proceeds, he said, December 1. Before becoming an entrepreneur, the chairman of the Gerindra Semarang Party worked as an executor of the 1996-1998 Tax Audit and Investigation Office (KARIKPA) and an accounting representative for the 2008 West Semarang Tax Service Office. After that, Sigit swerved to become an entrepreneur, such as PT Indotrans Mega, PT Parama Surya Gemilang. , PT Mugan Indonesia, and others.

The vice mayor candidate for Sigit's companion, Agus Setyoso, who has a wealth of Rp 2.7 billion only wrote zero in the campaign fund contribution report. In fact, Agus is also a campaign hero which of course costs money.

In the initial campaign finance report, Sigit-Agus used campaign funds for various purposes, for example making advertisements in the print / electronic mass media Rp.290 million, distributing campaign materials Rp.215 million, purchasing equipment Rp.161 million, face-to-face meetings Rp.37 million, and etc. In fact, in this election, advertising in the mass media is prohibited by the KPUD.

As for the Soemarmo-Zuber pair, they did not use account transactions to collect initial campaign funds. In the LADK document for the period July 30-August 24, Soemarmo-Zuber received Rp. 101 million in campaign funds, which came from Rp. 100 million and Rp. 1.1 million from a coalition of political parties.

The transaction was not put into a special account, but instead was held by the treasury of the winning team. The special Bank Mandiri account was empty at that time. In fact, in accordance with Article 21 PKPU 8 of 2015, campaign fund transactions must be entered into account transactions.

Soemarmo-Zuber also only listed acceptance. Meanwhile, all expenses are still zero. In fact, based on Tempo's observation, from July 30 to August 24 the pair had carried out many activities, which of course cost money. The most visible are the hundreds of posters and billboards that are installed in various corners of the city.

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According to the regulations, LADK should contain details of the calculation of revenue and expenditure obtained.

In the document on the receipt of campaign funds for the period of 27 August-15 October that was obtained by Tempo, the Soemarmo-Zuber pair received Rp. 879 million in campaign funds. This fund came from Soemarmo's personal pocket of Rp. 260 million. As for Zuber, whose assets report was Rp. 543 million, deposited a contribution of Rp. 171 million. Other contributions from PKB were Rp. 20 million, PKS Rp. 153 million, and individual donations of Rp. 275 million. The largest contributors were Ahmadi (Deputy Chairperson of the Central Java DPRD), Fris Dwi Yulianto (DPRD Central Java staff), and Agus Riyanto Slamet (Member of the Semarang DPRD), each Rp. 50 million, according to the maximum limit of individual contributions.

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As for the Hendi-Ita candidate, reported receiving Rp. 500 million in initial campaign funds from the candidate pair. This money is allocated for a limited meeting of Rp. 105 million, distribution of campaign materials of Rp. 302 million, capital expenditure of Rp. 7.6 million, and others. Meanwhile, in the donation receipt report, Hendi-Ita said that he received IDR 877 million. The sources were Hendi Rp. 283 million, Ita Rp. 258 million, the party carrying Rp. 70 million, and individual donations of Rp. 264 million. This individual contribution came from 15 members of the Semarang DPRD PDIP faction and 1 person from NasDem. The amount of donations varied, ranging from 7 million to 43 million IDR.

Semarang KPUD member Agus Suprihanto hopes that all candidates will obey the campaign finance report administrative process. To assess the appropriateness of the campaign fund reports, KPUD took three public accounting firms, from Semarang, Yogyakarta and Solo, said Agus, December 28.

Semarang election observer from the People's Voter Education Network (JPPR), Yedi Permana, suspects the validity of the campaign finance report. Funds have not been managed transparently, he said. Yedi also suspects that there is a lot of revenue and expenditure of campaign funds that goes unreported. Moreover, on the acceptance report, candidates only receive contributions from individuals.

There must be entrepreneurs who are involved in financing candidates, but this is difficult to prove. Especially if it is done in cash, said Yedi, December 1, 2015. JPPR counted a lot of campaign fund expenditures that were not included in the report. For example, the cost of installing campaign tools scattered in various corners of the city. There are also advertising costs in campaigns that are rife in mainstream media and social media. There are even candidates who put up sponsorships on social media until the calm period.

Yedi said that the candidate's campaign finance reports were only half-hearted because a lot of revenues and expenses were not reported. Yedi stated that the candidate pair will give the final campaign fund report one day after the campaign period is over. The problem is, said Yedi, that the final report will only be audited by an accountant.
Later the accountants will provide a report to the KPUD. Meanwhile, the audit only examines what is reported, said Chairman of the Central Java Bawaslu Abhan Misbah. Supposedly, all campaign funds are published so that the public can participate in monitoring.


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