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Pilkada Investigation: Waiting for Gidot in Bengkayang

Suryadman Gidot was re-elected as Regent of Bengkayang, West Kalimantan. Together with his deputy, Agustinus Naon, they were appointed by the Bengkayang KPU to become the Elected Regent and Deputy Regent at the plenary meeting of vote recapitulation on December 22, 2015. Total Gidot-Naon won 55,341 votes. They defeated their opponent, Sebastianus Darwis and Rurakhamad with 53,965 votes. The total number of voters according to the number of final voter lists is 168,330 people.

However, Gidot's victory left various accusations and dissatisfaction. A number of NGOs and community activists accused Gidot's victory of corruption. They accused Gidot of using the Bengkayang Regional Budget to smooth his victory through various development projects. RRI's investigation found that a government project was financed by the APBD, which was carried out by a construction company close to the chairman of the Bengkayang KPU, Martinus Khiu. There is also a flow of grant funds to the Martinus-led organization. What is the relationship between Martinus Khiu and Gidot's victory in the Bengkayang Pilkada?


The project of building a road to a sports hall (GOR) in Sebalo Village, Bengkayang District, Bengkayang Regency, should be the pride of Bengkayang residents. People have imagined that the smooth road to the sports complex will enhance the dignity of Bengkayang, as one of the most respected districts in West Kalimantan.

Unfortunately, that dream has now disappeared without a trace. Instead of smooth paving, the road is now a source of problems. There is no paving at all, the road is only thickened with yellow soil mixed with stones and sand. The shape of the road has indeed changed due to a widening, but that's all that is different after the completion of the project.

“Previously, the road to the sports hall was not much different. Now there is only additional road widening and hoarding, ”said a Trans Rangkang resident, Sumardi. He said that residents around the sports complex initially thought the local government would pave the road to the sports hall. "As a result, the roads here are still not optimal. There are still many things that need to be addressed, ”said Sumardi, showing the results of the road works in the field.

When met separately, the Bengkayang community leader, Yushenderi (49), suggested that law enforcement officials conduct an investigation to check the irregularities in this road project. "There are allegations that the project work did not match the specifications of the work," said Yushenderi.

RRI's investigation found that the value of the construction of the road to the Bengkayang Sports Hall in the 2015 APBD reached more than Rp 980 million. The budget of nearly Rp. 1 billion was allocated for road repairs to support sports facilities there. The contractor working on this project is CV Dabo Ribo.

Document research and several interviews from RRI found that CV Dabo Ribo belonged to Ahian, a businessman from Singkawang City. In the field, the executor of this project is a man named Oong, a resident of Bengkayang. Interestingly, several RRI sources confirmed that Oong was the "right hand man" of Martinus Khiu, the head of the Bengkayang KPU. Before becoming a state official in charge of the elections, Martinus worked as a contractor in Bengkayang Regency.

Confirmed about this, Martinus Khiu denied that there was a connection between the project's conspiracy and his independence as Chairman of the KPU. "That's not true. Yes, I have been a contractor and now I continue with my family, but that has nothing to do with my independence, there is none, "said Martinus Khiu.


The flow of funds from the Bengkayang APBD to companies and organizations associated with Martinus Khiu was not only that. On Monday, December 7, 2015, two days before the post-conflict local election event in Bengkayang, West Kalimantan Bawaslu released a report regarding a number of alleged fraud and campaign violations committed by each candidate pair in 7 districts participating in the 2015 Pilkada. Only the Bengkayang Regency Panwaslu reported allegations of money politics.

"There are allegations of violations reported by the Bengkayang Panwaslu to us, but we submit it to the relevant Panwaslu. If it is true, the candidate pairs there can be disqualified, ”said Krisantus Heru, Commissioner of Bawaslu for West Kalimantan.

When asked for confirmation of the report on December 10, 2015, the head of the Bengkayang Panwaslu, Meizereen Zein, issued a bundle of reports on alleged violations. There, listed data on the use of social assistance funds in the Bengkayang Regional Budget in 2015 with a total value of IDR 5 billion. Among them is the allocation of social assistance funds for political parties which was recorded at Rp. 730 million. Then, the post of Bansos funds for individuals and community empowerment amounting to Rp 4.2 billion.

Meizereen Zein admitted that Panwaslu had tried to check the validity of the identity of the social assistance recipients. As a result, the institution is not fictitious. From that point of view, there were no violations, he said.

But wait a minute. From the Bengkayang Panwaslu report bundle, RRI found a post of aid funds for KONI Bengkayang Regency. Incidentally, the KONI in this district is chaired by Martinus Khiu, who is now also the chairman of the Bengkayang KPU.

Interestingly, when compared to the APBD of previous years, the post of APBD grants for KONI continues to climb. In 2013, KONI Bengkayang received a grant of IDR 750 million. A year later, the amount rose to Rp. 1.1 billion. Well, in 2015, in the year the Pilkada was held in Bengkayang, the amount of APBD grants for KONI Bengkayang increased again to IDR 1.3 billion.

The amount of the grant for KONI Bengkayang raises questions from other sports organizations. "The Bengkayang KONI funds are huge, we in the judo and several other sports such as tennis and archery, have not received an injection of coaching funds since 2010 until now," said Kurnadi, Secretary of the Bengkayang Judo Sports Branch.

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Martinus himself denied that the allocation of funds was linked to his position as chairman of the Bengkayang KPU.


The close relationship between Martinus Khiu and Gidot proved important when the Pilkada process in Bengkayang entered the precarious days leading up to the election, on 9 December 2015.

Later, the Independent Institute for Democracy Monitoring (LIPD) did indeed report Suryadman Gidot to the Bengkayang Regency Panwaslu. Director of LIPD West Kalimantan, Glorio Sanen, admitted that he found indications of violations by the candidate pair Suryadman Gidot - Agustinus Naon.

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He then showed evidence of how the Gidot-Naon pair submitted the Campaign Fund Receipt and Expenditure Report (LPPDK) on Monday, December 7 2015 at 17.51 WIB. According to him, this violates the General Election Commission Regulation Number 2 of 2015 concerning Stages, Programs and Schedule for Organizing the Election of Governors and Deputy Governors, Regents and Deputy Regents and / or Mayors and Deputy Mayors. This regulation clearly stipulates that the LPPDK must be submitted to the local KPU on Sunday 6 December 2015.

Not only that. Glorio Sanen also found that the campaign fund expenditure of the Gidot-Naon pair had violated the maximum limit stipulated in Appendix IV of the General Election Commission Regulation (PKPU) Number 8 of 2015 concerning campaign funds for Election Participants for Governors and Deputy Governors, Regents and Deputy Regents and / or Mayors. and Deputy Mayor.

Sanen pointed to the report of Public Accountant Sardjono Budi Sudharnoto Number: 295.A.1 / KAP.SBS / XII / 2015 which found that the candidate pairs Suryadman Gidot and Agustinus Naon had spent spending that violated the limit for campaign fund expenditures, especially at general meeting meeting points and limited meetings.

The limit on expenses for general meetings is Rp. 375 million and the limit on expenses for limited meetings is Rp. 637.5 million. "Well, Gidot-Naon used Rp. 660 million for general meetings and Rp. 2.3 billion for limited meetings," said Sanen, while reading out the results of the audit on Gidot's campaign finance report.

This finding is certainly important because it could jeopardize the legitimacy of Gidot's victory in the Bengkayang Pilkada. Responding to Sanen's report, on January 13, 2016, Panwaslu Bengkayang made a recommendation, confirming the findings of the Independent Institute for Democracy Monitoring. Panwaslu also asked the Bengkayang KPU to follow up on these findings.

This is where the awkwardness appears. When met, the chairman of the Bengkayang KPU, Martinus Khiu, emphasized that there was no mistake in the Gidot-Naon campaign report. "There was no proven violation," said Martinus.


VARIOUS findings about the existence of cases of corruption and collusion in the administration of government in Bengkayang Regency have certainly disturbed the public. On January 12, 2016, hundreds of Bengkayang residents who are members of the Bengkayang Regency Anti-Corruption Society Coalition, came to the West Kalimantan Prosecutor's Office on Jalan Subarkah, to demand that the Prosecutor's Office process the corruptors.

"The West Kalimantan Attorney General's Office and other law enforcement agencies must immediately arrest and prosecute corruptors and their cronies who are suspected of committing corruption in Bengkayang," said the Action Coordinator, Sarmianus Senky.

There are seven NGOs that are members of the Bengkayang Regency Anti-Corruption Society Coalition. There is the Presidential Jokowi Volunteer Line (Bara JP), the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Army (LAKI), the Rumpurt Roots Community Alliance (AMAR), and others.

According to Senky, there are several suspected corruption cases in Bengkayang that are suspected of involving Gidot. There are allegations of corruption in the 2005-2006 Regional Budget amounting to Rp. 8.08 billion, allegations of corruption in the construction of the Bengkayang regent's official residence, allegations of corruption at the Bengkayang Health Office house and many more. In order not to become troubling rumors and rumors, Senky asked law enforcement officials to step in and carry out an examination as well as clarification.

Not only in Bengkayang, on January 26 2016, Bengkayang anti-corruption activists even came to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Attorney General's Office in Jakarta. There, Sermianus Senky was again the orator. He shouted the loudest, demanding clarity over the stagnation of the completion of the alleged corruption case committed by the elected Regent Suryadman Gidot. "Catch and prosecute corruptors. We don't want to be led by corruptors, "said Senky. "The KPK and the AGO should not be sluggish. If there is no progress, we will move to Malaysia because we are at the border, ”he said, greeted by laughter from the protesters.


The various accusations made to Gidot do not seem to cause too much trouble for the head of the elected Regent. After being contacted many times, he sent a text message. The contents were short, "I am lazy to do politics with things that really do not need to be commented on," said Gidot.

The spokesman for Gidot, Wardi Sidanggek, had a longer answer. According to him, all allegations of corruption against Gidot were raised by the losing party in the Bengkayang Pilkada.

Sermianus Senky, for example, is not a Bengkayang. "He has no right to talk about Bengkayang. Moreover, the evidence presented did not match. But they have dared to convict like a judge, "he said.

If the accusations of being corruptors are still directed at Gidot, Sidanggek promises to counterattack. "This is defamation. We will report to the police and to the Dayak Adat Council of the DAD Province of West Kalimantan, ”he said. (dho)


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